Tuesday, June 21

ENGLISH SONGS. Young learners.

This is my little present for the 2nd grade kids who will go up to a new cycle. Just 5 years ago we started our english lessons with Cookie, the cat, and his songs. It was my first year in this school and it was a pleasure to work with you during 5 years. I´m very proud of you and I hope you enjoy your future lessons.

(Este es mi pequeño homenaje a los alumnos de 2º de primaria que cambian de ciclo. Hace 5 años comenzamos juntos nuestras clases de inglés con Cookie, el gatito, y sus canciones. Fue mi primer año en este centro y ha sido un placer trabajar con vosotros durante todos estos años. Espero que sigáis disfrutando y aprendiendo con el inglés como lo habéis hecho hasta ahora. ¡Ánimo!)

Sunday, June 12


Summer is coming soon. It´s time to rest and have fun at the beach. Watch this video from you tube. This is one of the 60 songs of English Time. It´s easy to read and easy to learn.

Sunday, June 5


This is the food song we have learned in year 1. Good job, kids!


This is the food song we have learned in year 2. Great job, kids!

Saturday, June 4


Hello, 1st grade kids! Here´s the story we have seen in our lesson today. I hope you enjoy the video and act the story with the food machine we have done in the classroom.